Refurbishment Aircraft Interior service- PART 145 rating C6

Refurbishment Services and Furnishing

About refurbishment Services, Aircraft Cabin Leader knows all the different aspects and complexities of an aircraft interior furnishing. We provide a full solution for Aircraft owners and operators for their aircraft interiors.

Our experience guarantees perfect results carried out from aircraft completion to cabin refurbishment services.

The services we can provide during Checks or Inspections are

  • Removal / Installation of all cabin elements & parts
  • Refurbishing of removed elements & parts:
    • Seats / Seat covers
    • Carpets / Non Textile Floor / Dado panel fabrics
    • Lavatories Equipment
    • Cargo Panels


Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

Aircarft Cabin Leader offers, reliable and cost effective. Especially with regards to design and certification of aircraft interior projects. Including installation & modification of seats.
Our cabin team is highly trained. She have a wealth of experience and knowledge on all aspects of cabin interiors and can fulfill all your requirements.

Aircraft interior refurbishment needs to meet your specific needs. Aircarft Cabin Leader will guarantee personalised project management  to ensure that all needs are met at each step of the way, from the initial conception to final installation.

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