Repairs & Refurbishment

What Cabin Maintenance Services do we offer?

Aircraft Cabin Leader performs, lavatory, cabin and galley refurbishment. We are able to repair sidewall and floor panels.

We have all the materials and skills needed to perform operations on any parts of the cabin, cockpit and cargo compartments.

At Aircraft Cabin Leader, we undertake cabin programs as varied as customers’ demands.

Aircraft Cabin Leader‘s focus is to provide his customers with cabin interior modification, repair and design matching the allocated TAT required by the customer.

We provide Overhaul, Repair and Modifications of:

  • PAX, PNC and Pilots Seats
  • Galleys, partitions, bins
  • Sidewalls & window panels
  • Decorative finishes
  • In-flight entertainment system maintenance
  • PSU
  • Cargo Panels
  • Lavatories

Aircraft Cabin Leader specializes in refurbishment, maintenance, care and repairs for Commercial and Executive aircrafts. Our teams offer engineering services for all aircraft categories.